Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday News

UPDATE: Latte has a very sore leg and has to go to the VET this afternoon. He is limping on the leg where he got a shot. Please send him purrs and headbutts.

Also, Updated: Frootbat Friday:
Dragonheart has a great Frootbat Friday photo posted.

Kaze is coming up on her 4,000th visitor and shows us her jealous side for her Frootbat Friday

Luxor shows off his white white ears for his post

Formerly Feral Friday:
Darling Millie has an enlightened formerly feral Friday post with a purty picture

LT is posting for the first time about playing chase and being scared.

Former Feral Charlie at The Felilne Oligarchy says he helping his beans select books for workshops and let us know that Maggie Fu is hafing her ladygardenectomy on Monday

Precious Flower at The Calico Girls tells us how she fell in love with her bean Daddy

New Contest!
Eclair has a very cool contest going over at his site. We kitties and our beans can be purty creative when we wants, so go over and check it out!

Something strange is happening over at Beau and Angie's

Buzzerbee and Meep posted a great picture of 2 squirrel furiends.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa are starting a fundraising challange that sounds like tons of fun.


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KC said...

Mr. Hendrix, u be a furry good ree-purrter.

Gemini said...

Oh and Skeezix has a new contest. We even entered!