Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wednesday Noos

i's jus gonna start over here....

Furrst of all, let's all send sweet Ana purr-rayers. She haf "renal insufficiency". i's furry sad, she saided i wuz a true gatorrista. we will purr-ray an purr fur hers to be okay. Viva Gatorristas!

Zebby haf to get him's tooths cleaned today 'n Mommie Darcy be nervous (u's don't hafta tell me 'bout nervous Mommies!).

More sick Mommies: we's kin add Ariel's mommie to the list of "sick mommies". hers gotted tha flu. 'n Sanjee's Mom Robyn is sickly 'n wented to tha human vet

Wordless Wednesday
Cute little cat feets at Random Drift
Emma - Lazy Dayz

Wednesday Widebodies...
Fat Eric
Grr, who never does nuffin halfway, celly-brates Wide Booty Wednesday. 'n affer yesserdays almost x-rated Tummy Toosday, don't finks poor Skeezix kin stands it.

Wacky Wednesday
Kimo, Sabi 'n tha whole wacky fambly, hee-hee -- well, they's invented it, affer all.

White Wednesday
Snowy (Katnippia) shows off a snow white tum
Yuki also sez Kimiko gotted took to tha vets

Other Wednesdays
Abby at Manx Mnews haf Whiskers Wednesday
Pumpkin haf Widebody White Woofie Wednesday starring Suzy
Rascal had Two Word Wednesday

Found More Toosdays...
DaisyMae celly-brates Towel Tuesday. Hee-hee.
Derby celly-brated Tough A Tummy Tortitude wif a golden paw. awww...fanks.
'n it wuz a two-fur at Rosie & Cheeto's wif Rosie's Tuff A*s Tortie
Mouse the Cat did a Tough A*s Tortie post jus fur me...fanks
Loki had a Torti Tuesday wif Bean-in-a-bag
Adorable Audace haf a cute Tummy Tuesday unner tha tree
Torti 'n Tabby Toosday wif Jake 'n Bathsheba

Other Stuff....
Oreo (aka Bad Kitty) goes "riding"...almost
Chey haf written tha definitife work "What Every Cat Should Know About Ham" --
dunno if's it wuz befurr or affer Gemini pounced her.
Brandi haf a post about sum shelter furriends in need...
At tha Feline Oligarchy, adorable little Maggie Fu celly-brates her one month anniversary.
Kaze is offishully registured wif tha CFA

Ok, that should do it fur a while, i's gotta haf a nappie.
if'n i missed someone's, just let me know. i's jus a little kittie 'n it be a biggie blogosphere.



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And you gets our big lotsa appreshyashun n our fanks! :)

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