Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Toosday Noosday 11/28

Hi effurryone, i's back. Feelin purrty good, too. Getting back to checkin all tha bloggies. Wanted ta give poor Sanjee a break frum ree-purrtin so's she kin take cares of her's mommie Robyn.

When Rosie [who else] commented that i's a "tough-a*s tortie", my mommie 'n i's decided today would be Tough-A** Tortie Toosday.

'n it's fur all cats... Torti, Tuxie, Frootbat, Tabby, Black, Ginger, Meezer...we's tough when we hafs ta be.

yes, Victor, you betcha u kin be a T-A Tabby. i wants ta spin likes u do. that looks like so much fun.

look at tha handsom Jack's Tough-A*s Toosday pose in him's Viking outfit (swoon)...'n him haf a golden paw, like mine paw (hee-hee).

Darlin Millie haf a good Tough A*s Tuxedo Tuesday photo -- she is one tough-a*s'd little cat, hers been thru lots. Go Millie!

Catzee haf posted fur TA Torti Tuesday, u kin see tha toughness in hers pretty golden eyes.

tha same wif Spats (Taylor Catsssss) who haf hers Tough Torti pickshure, see tha TA in tha eyes.

Shamy shows us tha kind of TA attitude u only gets when u be leaving tha vet office.

Tottie (The Famous Five) be protectin hers fambly frum vishus deer 'n sheeps in true TA Torti style.

Emma (Kat's Cat) has this whole tough-a*s attitude down to an artform. Guess it would be Tough-A*s Tuxie-Tude.

tha usually hansom Rocky tha Gutter Cat luks different in hims Tuxie Toosday post...an again, him's got that "look" of cattitude u only gets after seeing tha vet. but what's up wif them Vishus Deer Antlers? is it like an implant? eeeeekkkkkkkk.....

Missy sez to tell effurryone there be a great pickshure of Casper the Great, tha Captains gots sum TA Attitude hisself.

Danielle posted Tough A** pickshures of Jake, Spot 'n Casper. Check out tha vishus Spot!

Latte sez that him almost died when hims wuz my age, he'll post his Tough-A** pickshure tomorrow an hopefully tell tha story.

Beau haf posted Tough Tummy Tuesday, one picksure showing a floofy tummy 'n tha other showin some serious Tough-A Cattitude.

Tummy Tuesday Posts

Max (Crew's Views) has a floofy Tummy ("in all its glory") Tuesday post.

Tha bee-you-tee-ful Grr haf a great tummy shot. She be showing sum tough-a** cattitude... 'n a little more than that...hee-hee. luv tha "modesty patch". tha hansum Lux be thinkin it haf sumfing ta do with Skeezix's "urjes".

Random Drift shows off the tummies of Crinkle, Babatjie, and LT. i's bet Mrs. B 'n Bubbles could do a good TA Attitude pickshure. Also check out Tiger of Pumpkin's World and Beau and Angelica.

Nitro also haf a nice Tummy Toosday pickshure...'n Nelson is Kat's Cat of the Day!

Mao is bein innervewed in hims Meezer Monday posting on "Deeling with Fameus Siblings win yer not fameus yerself." Wish we could see tha innervew.

Riley and Tiki are about 5.5 months old and like to get into trouble. o, they should fit right in wif us. They have a woofie, Kesey, who chases away tha Vishus Deer. Stop by and say hi.

Dragonheart is tha cutest black 'n white Sphynx kittie, looks like a frootbat. him's is four months old and lives in Germany. Stop by 'n say hello to hims, too.

i's furry sad to ree-purt that little Sid, beloved Guinea Pig of Scooby, Shaggy & Scout, went to tha Rainbox Bridge peacefully during the night. He joins the GPs that went before hims, Boris, Buttercup, Zeus, Theodore, Ned, Chessie, Sammy & Spunky.

Angel 'n Taz bloggie haf been "bloggjacked" by thems mommie ta tell tha story about hers brofur, Gregory Allan, who went to Heaven when he was jus a little boy.

HELP NEEDED: we knows how sick sweet little Libby Marie is 'n we been purr-raying for hers Miracle. Her mommie is asking fur donations of only $1 to help wif tha grrr-normous vet bills fur Libby 'n to pay fur meddy-sons that kin help hers live longer. payment details are on the blog. In hers own words: mommy thought of a fundraiser to help pay for my bills. You can light a candle in memory or honor of a friend/cat for a one dollar donation. Mommy will light the candle and add the money to my fund. This is a good way to remember or honor loved ones this holiday. Overall, they think im doing a little better and God can still help me! Please purchase a candle light today to help me so i can get better! Luv, Libby

if'n i missed anyones, let me know in tha comments or email 'n i'll get ya listed. don't wanna overlook anyone. i's gotta take sum meddy-son 'n gets a nap. it be so good ta be back ree-purrting. 'n fanks agin fur tha get wells, purrrrrssss, purr-rayers, dancin, luv paws, effurrything....u's jus overwhelmed me.

purrrrrrsssss ta all effurryone....KC

We'll give ya credit and a linky if ya wants, when you ree-purrts cat news!
And you gets our big lotsa appreshyashun n our fanks! :)

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The Meezers said...

Hi KC, glad to see you is back reportin'!

I fink there is some new kitties in the blogsphere. here are the linkies:

Riley and Tiki: http://rileytiki.wordpress.com/

Dragonheart: http://dragonheartsdomain.blogspot.com/ (he's from Germany!!)

Anonymous said...

I have a TA Tuxie Toozday foto up:

wich shows what I came bak frum the vet with: VISHUS DEER ANTLERS!!!

Emma's Kat said...

Welcome back KC!

Beau said...

Alright KC!! I have Tuesday photos up: one of my floofy tummy and one of me being touch about mom's computer time (so I can have it)!


Anonymous said...

Hi KC - This is our first time at the Blogoshere but we do have Tummy Tuesday fotos up at Willow's Blog


and China Cat has one on her blog too

http://chinacatsblog.blogspot.com/2006/11/tummy-tuesday.html We didn't know if it is too late for this Tuesday.