Saturday, November 04, 2006

Saturday Noos & Gracie Update

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GRACIE UPDATE: There be a Saturday morning update fur little Gracie. She's gonna haf to stay tha weekend at tha V-E-T's. Mommie Meryl made sures they gived hers plenty of pain meds. Check out tha update for more informashuns 'n leaves a comment if u haf time.

Catzee is back. Yea! 'n she goes outside fur tha furst time. And Rascal is back, too, wif another great -- updated -- box report on #4. i's missed 'em so much.

Another new cat blogger, FatCat Muffin haf a good furever home now, after's being dumped. Stop by 'n say hi 'n leave a message.

Darlin Millie has a formerly feral friday post showing how well she be settlin into hers new home. She be eatin out of her Lady's hands.

An Bubbles haf a FFFriday piksure showing how settled down him is.

The Calico Girls had a cute piksure of Mistrie, who still won't come in tha house.

Dunno if'n i missed this fur Frootbat Friday, but DaisyMae Maus haffed a piksure of Cocoa Puff.

Loki wants ta become a blogging kittie. Efurryone, stop by and leaves a Cat Blogosphere welcome ta Loki. And check out tha post on VISHUS SEA ANIMULES, very skerry stuff. 'n we's all be adding u to's our lists of bloggies.

Kat gotted a new camera wif movie piksures 'n sounds. u's kin hear Kat talkin to Emma 'n Emma talkin back. Theys be playin wif bubbles. No, not the 2 B's Bubbles, but bubbles. Missy 'n i sits 'n listens ta it over and over.

'n thinkin 'bout movies wif sounds, did u gets a chance ta hear tha famous Grr grr? This be from last Monday, but look 'n listen to Grr tha Mitey Hunter.

Check out tha Georgia Update. It's been over a month since she was diagnoosed wif a brain tumor. She has to takes meddy-cin, but it be makin her feels much better, she even be playin a bit. Stop by 'n leafs hers a message if u haf time.

'n i missed this one on Rocky's blog -- WIDEBODIED WEDNESDAY! hee-hee-hee, Missy will luv it. Him's got that hourglass design on hims tum, makes him look much slimmer. i finks he should markit a do-it-yurselfs hourglass kit, wif hair color spray 'n stencils. Missy woulds buy one (hee hee).

Since i's abandoned here (jus kiddin, Sanjee is working on tha wonderous Calendar this weekend), if any of u's want to helps me out wif reporting, pleeze email me or use tha handy form below. fanks.

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