Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saturday Morning Noos

Tales of Devoshun Contest
Skeezix's Tales of Devoshun Contest voting has started! You can still enters but the ballot is only updated once a day.

Oreo's Pictors
Oreo's helpin his Mommy out! Here's what he said bout it on his bloggy: "Fings has gotted real tight around here since Momma has had all these point-mints so I accided to help out if I can. Puhlease look in mine sidebar unner tha check out these links line & you will see a link so you can email Momma & buy a pictor of me!!" Efun if you can't buy pictors, go look! They's wondermous pictors of handsum Oreo!

Why It's Spensive to Breed Cats
Now, I knows not efurrycat finks that people should breed cats cuz lotsa orphan kitties don't gots homes yet. But some beans just aren't gonna have nocat but a speshul breed no matter what. And I finks it's furry interesting to learn bout them. And Chaos the Cat 'splains reely well bout why it's spensive to breed speshul breed kitties.

Vishus Deer Reports
from Frends of Skeezix The Vishus Deer Nayburhood Watch Groop on Catster
You can join Catster and Frends of Skeezix to see the updates n posts there. But in case you missed these two, they's amazing! And they bof has videyo too!
Vishus Deer Breaks Into Bank!
Vishus Deer Invades Target store!


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