Saturday, November 11, 2006

Mr Hendricks Furrst Noos....

Kitties in need update! A paypal account has been set up and offers of homes have been made if transportation and cost can be arranged. Please go to Grr, Midnight & Cocoa's bloggie if you can help even a little!!! Time is running out!

THE FELINE OLIGARCHY Alberta is feeling better. There is no infection so no more antybiotiks. She's still on fluids and still at the VET (as of Thurs. the 9th) but may be home by the 10th.

Jack introduced us to the Famous Five who live all the way in New Zealand!

Rascal's mom is giving him a new name..we aren't sure about it either Rascal

Pumpkin has a wonderful feral Friday entry today (the 10th)

Cuteness overload of frootbats kittens at Luxor's

Luna is home safe but feeling sore and sleepy after her ladygardenectomy.

This excellent reepurrt was by Mr. Hendrix
tha newest Offishul Reepurrter for The Cat Blogosphere
'n just entered into the blog by KC fur hims.
He be a very good repurrter!


We'll give ya credit and a linky if ya wants, when you ree-purrts cat news!
And you gets our big lotsa appreshyashun n our fanks! :)

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