Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday Nite Noos

Libby Marie Riley needs sum prayers and a miracul. She\'s bin sik, and now she's not eeting and the prognosis izn't good. Pleeze lite a candul and remember her in yer purrayers.
Link to her foto:
Link to her website:
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Almost too terrible to report, but we feel it is our civic duty to let all catizens now that deer now have human servants!!! Please see linkie on our blog! Ask yourself this chilling question: could MY human be one of them . . .????????
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Thanksgiving Day Dinner Cat Food
We found Thanksgiving Day Dinner cat food! There's a picture and linky on our bloggie!
Ree-purrted by Kimo & Sabi

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New Furriend

Faz the Cat
Now there's an English cat who's starting blogging and telling all to other Cats from all over the world. She's called Faz and she tells all the gossip about her life, love and wildlife friends living in Wimbledon, London.

More noos tomorry :)

Oh, and don't furget to check out the Cat Bloggers Calendar for Friends Helping Friends :)

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