Friday, November 24, 2006

Furriday Mornin Noos

Cat Calendar Update

Does the pikshur at the left look a lil different? It should! Mommy added the latecomer kitties to the calendar pics! So now all the kitties (including) latecomers will be on the calendars and ofur goodies from now on. Mommy says that's the last edit for this project, but any cats that didn't get in this one can get in the next one. We'll be doin similar types of projects several times a year. Cool, huh?

Lots of New Goodies Added to the Cat Friends Shop too! Mommy wented sorta beezerk. Now the pages for different types of kitties haf been turned into mugs n shirts n stuff. So if you wants just your type of kitties, there ya go. Check out the noo shop layout n all the noo goodies. You'll be amazeded!

Weekend Cat Blogging is going to be at House of the (Mostly) Black Cats this weekend!
Do you know how easy it is to be part of WCB? It's sooper easy! You just have to have a cat post on your bloggy sometime near the weekend, then you gotta let the cats (or humans) doing WCB that week know about your post! You can eifur post in the roundup on their bloggy or you can email them bout it. That's it. Simple n easy n stuff, huh? So if you wanna be in WCB this weekend, just have a cat post on or near the weekend (doh! we knows ya will!) and email us or put it in the roundup comments on our bloggy.

Sweet Ariel's niece thingies seem to haf given her Mommy a cold. Not so good. Let's send lotsa kitty mojo n purrs to Ariel's Mom so she feels better quick, k?

Beau Beau and Angie's Mommy is sharin the recipee for the Mornin Punkin Coffee Cake that lotsa folkses asked for! That's real nice of her. And Punkin, you don't gotta worry, there's no cats in that cake!

KC and Missy gots sum cool purrizes from The 2 B's! They was one of the winners in the I Love the 2 B's contest. Neato purrizes!

Luxor wants to know if his ears look bigger than his brothers. I fink so!

Skeezix Annownced a Winner in his Tails of Devoshun Contest!
Smudge is the winner! Con-cat-ulations Smudge! Your Daddy wroted a sooper tail of devoshun for you.

I gotta go have some crunchies and nap.
More noos later, I fink.
Unless I hafta nap all day an the ofur ree-purrters do too. hehehe


We'll give ya credit and a linky if ya wants, when you ree-purrts cat news!
And you gets our big lotsa appreshyashun n our fanks! :)

Need purrs n purrayers for kitties or ofur critters & their beans, or got praise for 'em?
Let the folks at the Pet Prayer & Praise Bloggy know too!

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Anonymous said...

We're glad that the calendar is available. Mom ordered three t-shirts and a calendar for our house ... Now grandma and grandpa can wear us on their shirts because we're the "grandcats" ...
DaisyMae Maus