Sunday, October 22, 2006

Weekend Cat News #10

Boni was furry fiercy bout blogger bein pesky for Derby's party Saturday night. But....

Derby's October Kitties party is still goin strong! Efun blogger actin up didn't stop the party. We just wented to anofur site until blogger got ofur bein so pesky. Derby sure knows how to throw a party!

New Furriends Recap for the Week

Tigerlily, a beeyootiful Bengal kitten is new to the blogosphere. Welcome to the "gang" Tigerlily!

Poodies Jojo and the Rat have a baby sisfur Pooy and a new bloggy for all 3 at A Trinity of Cats. Fanks to The Zoo for lettin us know!

Mu Shue Pooh King is a kitty furriend who thoughted he'd nefur find ofur bloggin cats. Then he founded us! Lil did he know! hehehe

LOKi's got a blog! Fanks lots Merlin, for lettin us know. :)

The Rainbow Gingers is a memorial for ginger cat furriends who have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge, put together by Fat Eric. Thanks Fat Eric for such a nice memorial!

Tiggy tha Tiny Tiger - Hims jus started postin on Friday tha 13th! Mr. Hendrix tha Kitty, who be furrly new ta bloggin, him tolds me 'bout Tiggy.

Freya, the Little Cat who's got an adorable Tummy Tuesday post this week.

Up Close n Purrsonal

  • Chatham got a purrty good ree-purrt from his V-E-T that he hasn't lost any more weight. He's got more meddycine to take, but we all hopes when he goes back for more bloodwerk that his infekshun is all goned away.
  • Gracie is still not feelin well at all, and the V-E-Ts haven't figgered out what's wrong wif her. Please send her lotsa purrs n purrayers.
  • Skeezix had told us all about Izzy, who's bean Daddy is furry ill and who's Mommy was
    going to have to rehome all three of the kitties. Well, the kitties get to keep their home!!! They get to stay with their Mommy!!! A furry nice State Councilman helped Izzy's Mom get help for their Daddy, and the Catster cats are helping with donashuns of cat food and ofur cat stuff! You may have to join catster, if you haven't already to read the post, but it's on page 41 of that thread. Cats and their beans are just the best!

Don't Miss Kukka's Contest!

Kukka-Maria is havin a contest while she's goned for a week and she's gonna judge it when she gets back. Chek it out :) Deadline is Wennsday Oktober 25.

Pet Safety

The ASPCA has speshul info about Halloween Safety for Pets.

A Click A Day Helps Poodins (and ofur animals)

If you go to the Animal Rescue site and click "Fund Food for Animals" efurry day, they gets free food for kitties an ofur critters from their advertisin folks. You can efun sign up to get them to send you a ree-minder wif a linky efurry day too!

Cat Calendar - Send Pikshurs!

If you hasn't heard, we's doing a Cat Calendar to help out Brandi n Carol n hopefully ofur cats in our community who needs help. Grr, Midnight and Cocoa's Mom came up wif the idea. Yay GMC's Mom! There's a post bout it on their bloggy. And a funny, somecats did sooper sendin the really big pikshurs. So sooper that they crashed our email cuz it wouldn't hold them all! hehehe So Mommy maded our email box bigger to get all the pikshur emails. :)
Dee-tails: Send your pikshurs to catsnmomAThouseofthemostlyblackcatsDOTcom wif "Calendar Pictures" in the subject (so Mommy can find them). Please send big pikshurs if you can, the huge ones that come straight offa the camera are best, but send any and Mommy'll do her best. Up to 3 pikshurs per kitty is ok. You can be in a costume or just as yourself, eifer way is good. Mommy's doing collage fingies so efurrycat can be on the calendar n show support for our furriends!

November kitties get ready!
Beau, Smeagol and Strider are having a big November Purrthday and Gotcha Day Party!
Party is Saturday, Nov. 4 Times TBA. Put that day on your calyndar!

Publik Surviss Announcyments

Jack maded a Publik Surviss Announcyment today bout Nony Mouses! I guesses we should ree-member that not all the beta bloggers kin post on the old style bloggers 'cept as anony-mouses and maybe should let nony-mouse post to comments? We's gotta investygate this more thoroly.

Camuti Feline Consultation Service at the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine is available to V-E-Ts or kitty beans by phone. If your V-E-T can't figure out the problem, CFCS will try to help. Some nice bean tolded Gracie's Mom, but I thought maybe efurrycat should know.

Ree-purrted by Sanjee, Offishul Cat Blogosphere Ree-purrter

We'll give ya credit and a linky if ya wants, when you ree-purrts cat news!
And you gets our big lotsa appreshyashun n our fanks! :)


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