Wednesday, October 18, 2006

News Update

o, furrst, i wants ta says i sorry fur not bein able ta post today. betweens problems wif mine ISP 'n Blogger, i haf ta jus naps.

Darlin Millie repurrts:
I think there are enough Formerly Ferals to have a Former Feral Fridays. I think we should post our pictures this coming Friday for all the world to see.-- Millie

i's agree wif u, Millie, it is a great idee. Missy 'n i's be postin our pikshures on Friday 'n we hopes all former ferals will proudly join us.

'n just an aside, doesn't Millie look great? fanks to Malcolm fur saving hers 'n to Mom Lynne fur adoptin hers.

Calico Mom Toni gots a good report today from tha eye clinic 'n will goes fur glasses tomorrow. Yea. 'n Mittens is gettin settled in tha bathroom 'n a big closet while hers recovers. Patches misses her 'n theys gots ta visit fur a while.

Maomao, that stubborn little kitty from Singapore who keeps finding new 'n devious ways to claw thru hers stitchs 'n collars, is finally healin. After tha V-E-T plastered (that's right, plastered) tha pro-tek-tiv kollar 'n bandages ta hers neck. Hers been at tha V-E-T's fur 'bout a month, i finks. She haded a lump removed from under hers ear. Once Maomao's Mommie pays tha bill, tha V-E-T will probably builds a "Maomao Wing" on tha hospital.

Orb, of The Famous Five, was missin fur a day an a haf. He comed back home 'n effurryone wuz so happy they served Orb lotsa food 'n nip. They'll be postin pikshures later, when they gets their 'puter back.


i ams very happy ta tells u about a plan that Midnight, Cocoa 'n Grr comes up wif, wif tha helps of their Mommie Karen. Go reads about it on their bloggie, PICTURES NEEDED!!

Karen readed a post on Edsel's bloggie about helpin others, like Brandi and Mom Carol.

'n tha Brilliant Karen cames up with an idee -- all us cats donate a photo of our adorable selfs. These photy-graphs will be mades into a Cat Blogging Calendar, we sells them fur great gifts, 'n tha money goes to help Brandi 'n hers Mom, 'n other peoples 'n poodins who reely needs help.

Mom Robyn is goin ta handle tha photos, you can email them right heres: Clik ta submit a pikshure fur tha Cat Blogging Calendar.

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Patches & Mittens said...

I hope I don't get into trouble, but I am so tiny and cute I figured I could share this news......Patches went in the closet and kissed Mittens again!! Please don't say anything to her about this or she might kick my little butt.

Precious Flower