Thursday, October 19, 2006

Efun More Noos

Yep, there's efun more noos today!

Don't furget, the October Kitties party is this weekend startin tomorry!!!

A 3 Day Cat Party!
October Kitties Purrthday / Gotcha Day Cellybration!
All cats invited to celebrate the October Kitty Guests of Honor

Dates Oct 20-22.
Starting at noon time Central Daylight Time. (Time Converter Here)
Drop in any and efurry time you can!
At Derby's blog :)
See our post below

New Furriends & New Bloggies!

Poodies Jojo and the Rat have a baby sisfur Pooy and a new bloggy for all 3 at A Trinity of Cats. Fanks to The Zoo for lettin us know!

Mu Shue Pooh King is a kitty furriend who thoughted he'd nefur find ofur bloggin cats. Then he founded us! Lil did he know! hehehe

LOKi's got a blog! Fanks lots Merlin, for lettin us know. :)

The Rainbow Gingers is a memorial for ginger cat furriends who have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge, put together by Fat Eric. Thanks Fat Eric for such a nice memorial!

Wanna Know Bout the Cat Populashun?

Leo and Bambi at the PawPath Littermat Bloggy shares some interestin informashun about the Cat Poppylashun in the US!

More noos in the mornin I bets! We's a lotta kitties to make nooses!

Offishul Cat Blogosphere Ree-purrter


Merlin said...

You're welcome! I know that when I was new with my blog, I liked it when kitties came by to say hello, so I thought I'd make sure efurrykitty knew about LOKi.

Thanks for doin' such a good job with the news!

LOKi said...

Thanks for adding me & myn siblings to your sphere! Merlin is tops!