Saturday, September 30, 2006

Weekend Cat News #7

Blogging Cat News

Victor Tabbycat pointed out Callas' post on Catnabbit showing that Cats on MySpace may be Humans in Disguise! Thank you for pointing out this impawtant information, Victor!

Emma and Emma's Kat showed us pikshurs of Zebby's new home. We's furry glad Zebby has a furrever home now!!!

New Furriends

Skeezix introduced us to Sindri! Good to meet you Sindri (photo on the left)!

Latte the Meezer and Kaze the Frootbat (hehehe!) introduced us to their furriend Sir Sidney and his blog! We's glad to meet you Sir Sidney!

Up Close and Purrsonal

Oreo's Mom Heather has some knee problems and abnormalities, and has to go to the ortho-peed-ick doktor. Please send lotsa purrayers and purrs to her.

Our furriend Ullrick wented to the Rainbow Bridge Wednesday. We's furry sad to lose sucha nice and young furriend. We sends lotsa purrs and sympathies to his fambly.

Georgia, Gemini's sisfur, isn't feelin to great. , and efun Cheysuli is helpin look after her!

Thumper, a bun member of Chao the Cat's fambly wented to the Rainbow Bridge Wednesday. We sends lotsa purrs and sympathies to his fambly.

Bugby, our lil furriend who was hitted by a car, is home and healing! Yay! Let's all sends him lotsa purrs and purrayers to get well really quicky.

Jasmine (Millie's big sisfur) does have a tumor on her cornea but it
is not life-threatening! Yay!

Sammy & Miles Meezer's Mommy lost her job in downsizing on Thursday. Boooooooooo for downsizing! Sammy and Miles are a lil concerned bout the headhunter their Mommy is goin to see and hopes her head don't go missing. Please help us send a ton 'o purrs to Meezer Mom to get a new good job quick!

Rajjah has been losted for a long time (Since 9/16!) and her Mommy is furry sad. Send all the purrs and purrayers you can, and if you's able, join us for a Prayer Circle Wednesday night for Rajjah. Details are below.

Carol is still looking for a job, so Brandi and Carol need help still. Please, if you can donate only $5 or $10 (or more, of course), please help out. You can donate online or find out how to donate by mail here.

Mom Toni of the Big Piney Woods is recovering well from her eye surgery, per her Doctor's report. Her most excellent Daughter in Law posted another update on their blog so we could know how she's doing. Wasn't that nice of her? Fanks nice D-I-L! We's still sendin purrs and purrayers so Mom Toni heals up all the way and fastest.

Upcoming Cat Blogger Events

Welcome home party for Luna. Charlie and Pandora are hafin a welcome home party for Luna, tentatively skeduled for Furriday, October 6th. You can find updated at the Secret Paws blog and We'll keep you postedhere too.

Prayer Circle for Rajjah.
Wednesday, October 4 at 9pm Eastern Time (World Clock Time Converter)
KC, Missy and us at the HotMBC are co-hosting a purrayer circle on Wednesday, October 4 at 9pm Eastern Time (8pm Central, 7pm Mountain, 6pm Pacific) at our HotMBC blog to purray for Rajjah to come home safe. All are welcome to come and purray or send pawsitive thoughts, no matter what religion you gots or efun if you don't got none. All pawsitive energy appreciated! We wants Rajjah to get home safe! If you're not sure bout the time, you can go here to convert it to your time! You can also ask for purrs or purrayers for furriends and their beans who needs them too. :)

Board the Ark and go to the Carnival and stuff too! All sortsa cat funs!
Carnival of the Cats
Friday Ark
Weekend Cat Blogging

More Blogging Cat News

Little Cat Zee learned from Phydeaux3 how to make Label Clouds in Blogger Beta. Fanks for sharin!

Kimo and Sabi announced that Beau won the Fall Caption Contest. Concatulations Beau!

Timothy Dickens introduces us to Charlie, who needs a furever home AND shows us his Grammie's cool kitty blankies that she maded for the kitties at Timmy's nice V-E-T. If you wanna 'dopt Charlie or know someone how does, you can email Timmy's Mommy on the site.

Kaze warns us about this ofur kinda vishus critter that IMITATES cats! Yuk!

HotMBC Mom's costume contest has been maded lots easier! We think Kismet should enter his Hugh Heffner costume!

Temp-Tay-Shuns has dental treatsies now. MUCH better than toof brushing! Daisy Mae Maus tells us all about them.

Don't furget to visit the Pet Prayers and Praise bloggy and see who's needin purrs and purrayers and post info for pets and their beans who needs purrayers too.

Weekend Cat Blogging #69 is hosted this week by us at the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats. We's also putted up a schedule for WCB so's you can know where it's gonna be. We finks you should do WCB cuz not just cat bloggers do it, ofur beans do it too! That's way cool!

Beau is now doing Sunday Sermons at the Pet Prayer and Praise blog. Check in weekly for his interrestin and thot-provokin sermons. We REALLY liked the furst one.

Lastest but NOT leastest, we wanna fank KC for bein such a sooper ree-porter! She helpeded me out lots and lots! In fact, we's decided that KC is now an Offishul Cat Blogosphere Ree-porter! Fanks again KC!

If we's missed your news, please furgive us and please let us know!

Ree-ported by Offishul Cat Blogosphere Ree-porters KC and Sanjee

If you has Cat News please lets us know at the Cat News Reeportin Page. We'll be glad to give you credit! Fanks!


ML (Mary Lynn) said...

o, i's reely fa-moose. wows. here's i is agin. 'n jus for sharin' stuffs 'bout my friends 'n almost friends. Fanks to u, Sanjee, an' to Mom Robyn.

i'll be tha best little ree-porter evers. I's keepin' my eyes open, u's kin bet on that...KC

mog said...

Wow, that's quite a big roundup and some spiffy desktop wallpaper, cute kitties. Must visit often.