Saturday, August 19, 2006

Weekend Cat News


New! We're gonna start tryin to post weekend cat news here efurry weekend. Put us on your linkies or blogroll to make it easy to find the weekend cat news. is having a BIG CLEARANCE on cat trees!!! I got Mommy's credit card and ordered us one like the one in the pikshur up there. We always wanted one and now we're gonna get one! They's got ones that were $100 that are $40 now, and ofurs that are just as much off. And shippin is only $5.99!!! Better hurry if you wants one cuz once they's out, there won't be no more. (Our firefox wouldn't work wif it tho, so we had to use Internet Explorer. That made Boni laugh lots cuz we said we didn't like IE. hehehe)

Squillions updates are updated. (Don't that sound funny? hehehe) There's squillions of Squillions all ofur the place now. Yay!

Heather is hostin Weekend Cat Blogging this week.
Sunday's Carnival of the Cats is being hosteded by Red Peonies.
And on Friday, visit the Modulator for the Friday Ark.

50lb bag of catnip!!! Did you see it at CatnipAnonymous or at Rosie and Cheeto's? It's AWEsum! We finks that Rosie may still be nipped out.

Sympathies, Purrayers, and Headbutts

  • We all send sympathies and purrs to Max, Buddah, the Lady, and the Man, who losted their bean grandpa/father-in-law/father this past week.
  • A Nice Lady who feeded two community kitties in Singapore got attacked and hurt when she was feedin the kitties. We sends her lotsa headbutts and purrayers that she gets all well soon, and fanks to her for feedin the kitties.
  • Our furriend Luna in Spain is havin her girlie surgery on Tuesday, August 23, 2006. We's sendin her purrs and purrayers for a easy peasy surgery and a really fast recovery. And we says three cheers for no PMS too!
  • Our furriend Kaze is also havin her girlie surgery on Tuesday, so we's sendin her purrs and purrayers for easy peasy surgery and way fast recovery too!
  • Mom Toni of the Big Piney Woods is going to have surgery on her eye to fix it up on September 19. Put it on your calendar for extra purrs and purrayers. Patches and Mittens have more info on their blog.
  • At Millie's house, Millie and Gizzy are gettin long better, specially wif the help of some kitty crack. Sadly tho, we founded out that Millie's ofur 'dopted sisfur Jasmine might have cancer. We're sending purrs and headbutts to Jasmine and the Nice Lady an the whole fambly.
  • For cats that don't know, Beau and Beau's Mom have a purrayer request list on Beau's blog. So if you knows somecat or somebean that needs purrayers, you can ask Beau to put them on the purrayer list. Isn't that neat? And a'course you can visit Beau's blog and say purrayers for the folkses on the list too!
Happy Cat Day was this past week! We learned from Yuki and Kimiko that August 15 is Happy Cat Day! (Learn more bout it here.) We cellybrated this year and we's gonna make Mommy put it on our callendar thingy for next year. Get your beans to put it on the callendar for next year too!

Leif and Bonita let us know bout Two Cats who need homes cuz their beans died. That's so furry sad. :( You can read bout their story here. Do you know anyone who can help?

Don't furget to peek at the Purrthday List (and add your own name to it!) that Princess Mia set up to help all of us 'member each ofur's purrthdays and gotcha days.

Cat Volunteers Needed!
Do you wanna be famous and post on the Cat Blogsphere blog? Can you help do weekend news one weekend sometime? Or do you have a song or poem or somefin you wants to show off? Email us at catsnmomATcrystalsandjewelryDOTcom and we'll send you an invite-ashun to be a member. Then you can post whenefur you want and help out whenefur you can. Fanks!

I's sure I only got sum of the news for the week, but I didded my best! You can email me at catsnmomATcrystalsandjewelryDOTcom if you got news I missed, and I'll post it as quick as I can get my typist (Mommy) to help. Right now she says she gotta go help somecat tho. So byeeeeeeee for now!

Reported by Sanjee, Queen Bee Kitty of the Hot(M)BC